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Ronn Sussberg is the primary clairvoyant psychic medium at Psychic Readings by Ronn. With over forty years of experience, Ronn has helped thousands of clients gain insight into the past, the present, and the future.

Many of the most talented psychic mediums are not the first in their family to possess the gift. Ronn is at least the third generation of his family to be blessed with the gift of sight. His family traces their power back to Ronn'€™s Great Aunt Clara who immigrated to the United States from Bavaria in the 1920s. Finally settling in Los Angeles, Clara quickly became one of Hollywood'€™s most popular psychic mediums during the Golden Age of Cinema.

Following in his Great Aunt's footsteps, Ronn is no stranger to famous clients. He has worked with everyone from local Michigan clientele, to supermodels, country music superstars, and several Academy Award winning actresses. No issue of spiritual guidance is too small or too large for Ronn. Psychic Ronn is simply one of the best Michigan psychics.

Ronn's talents have not gone unnoticed in the Michigan Psychic community. He has had the pleasure of being featured on numerous local and national television and radio programs over the years. His talents and expertise have been showcased on CBS and PBS and he is proud to be one of the few psychics ever invited to appear on Travel Channel's The Dead Files. 

Ronn has always believed that compassion, rather than fear or uncertainty is the only way to effectively get in touch with your spiritual side. He enters every psychic reading he does with that philosophy in mind. Unlike many psychic mediums who peddle doom, Ronn provides his clients with proactive spiritual guidance to overcome hard times and to make difficult life decisions.

Sometimes in life, we are searching for something without knowing what. Ronn has made it his life's work to help connect those who are lost with guidance from the spiritual world. Ronn believes he was given his gift for a reason. He is passionate about using his power to help people affect positive change in their lives.

In the Michigan psychic community, Ronn is renowned for his ability to give specific spiritual advice and information about the future. Unlike many mediums who deal in generalities, Ronn strives to make sure all of his clients leave their readings with a spiritual roadmap they can apply to their everyday lives.

                                 As a passionate and caring animal lover, Ronn                                  donates a portion of the proceeds from every                                  private reading and special event to the                                  World Wildlife Fund. Make a donation today!
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Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Huntington Woods, Rochester, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Troy, Sterling Heights, Grosse Pointe Woods .


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